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Myth Breakers in Weight Loss Surgery

Myth Breakers in Weight Loss Surgery

Inflammatory bowel disease

Myth Breakers in Weight Loss Surgery

Like all myths, the major misunderstanding when comes to weight loss surgery is, it is a cosmetic
procedure. Weight loss surgery aids in treating hormonal and metabolic disorders and it is NOT a
cosmetic procedure

No! Stereotyping a multifactorial disease is myopic

Like all surgery, bariatrics is one of the other surgery! With
advanced techniques major risks are reduced.

No, with proper lifestyle and dietary changes! Patients have sustained in
their ideal weight

State of the art laparoscopic surgeries are much less scarring

No, surgery is necessitated only when other
weight loss methods fail to bring outcomes or if the patient needs immediate surgery due to
preexisting illness. Talk to your healthcare provider and make an informed decision.